Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Roja Dove's launch of V1 at the Lanesborough Hotel, London

Roja Dove and HRH Arfaq sharing a moment together
HRH Arfaq is here once again pictured with the best of the best - in this case, with Roja Dove, the world’s unofficial most famous ‘nose’. Dove works internationally as a fragrance specialist and historian, renowned the world over for his taste, knowledge and imagination. Arfaq created the world’s most expensive and exquisitely detailed perfume V1 in collaboration with legendary perfumer Arthur Burnham (the personal perfumer of Prince Charles), and subsequently sought out the flamboyant Roja Dove to help launch it. The two are pictured together at the exclusive launch at the Lanesborough Hotel in – where else? – London. Possibly just the Brit arrogance in me speaking, but I love the way London and Britain is a calling card for the best in design, celebrity and fashion!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Janet Jackson attends HRH Arfaq party as the guest of honour

Janet Jackson attends HRH Arfaq party as the guest of honour 
Janet Jackson here pictured at HRH Arfaq’s spectacular party at the Dorchester Hotel in London for the launch of his V1, the perfume that would later go down in the history books as the most expensive fragrance in the world. Glamorous products call for glamorous guests and the guest list was filled with nothing but, an absolute celeb fest full of beautiful men and women in their evening best. As the guest of honour and HRH Arfaq’s close friend, Janet Jackson looked utterly stunning (pictured above) in this sophisticated white dress and sleek up-do.

The day after the launch, HRH Arfaq - wait for it - closed Harrods to allow Janet to do some private shopping! Can you imagine!! The whole of Harrods to yourself for a day? The cherry on the already delicious cake: Arfaq treated Janet to supper at Nobu later that evening. After all the chaos of the launch, it was probably a nice chance for the two friends to just sit down and have a catch up!

Here are two more pix of Janet, just because she's gorgeous...

Janet Jackson looking gorgeous
Janet Jackson looking even more gorgeous!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

V1, designed by HRH Arfaq, bought for a jaw-dropping $232,450

Prince Faisal Bin Fahad Bin Abdullah Al Saud with HRH Arfaq's V1 perfume
Prince Faisal Bin Fahad Bin Abdullah Al Saud with HRH Arfaq's V1 perfume
His Royal Highness Prince Faisal Bin Fahad Bin Abdullah Al Saud bought the V1 perfume – designed with the utmost care and flair by HRH Arfaq – for a jaw-dropping $232,450! Crazy money, but worth it if you have it! The Prince and his sizeable entourage were hosted in one of the luxurious private lounges in London’s Harrods. The lounge was decorated in a bespoke royal purple, with the Prince’s silver leaf royal crest adorning the walls. His Highness is pictured above holding Arfaq’s exquisite perfume, which became famous not only for its phenomenal price tag (officially the most expensive perfume ever made) but also its feverish popularity amongst royalty and celebrities. This is the first glimpse I’ve had of the actual perfume bottle and it reminds me of the Genii’s lamp in Aladdin! Quite appropriate really, given that something magic waits within...

Thursday, August 1, 2013

V1, the most expensive perfume - the launch!

Chris Tucker, HRH Arfaq and friends
Chris Eubank
HRH Prince and Princess Seeiso
Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupris
Lady Victoria Harvey and Charlotte Dutton 

It was a night to remember. Taking place in the great Ballroom of the Dorchester Hotel, the evening paid homage to Arfaq's creation of the luxury perfume V1, designed to embody the scent of love.

Handpicked guests enjoyed a champagne reception in the stunning Gold room, international celebrities and royalty mingling alike amidst the heady scent of seven thousand Imperial Roses. The roses were famously flown in especially for the night, in representation of Arfaq's extraordinary taste and sense of precision in creating his ‘Object d’Art’.

A few hours into the evening, V1 (officially the most expensive perfume in the world) was presented to the guests for their perusal. Only 33 bottles remained that night from a total 173 for sale worldwide to buyers, collectors and investors including Donald Trump. One bottle was even signed by Arfaq and auctioned at Christies for the Princes Trust Charity - no doubt it fetched an eye-wateringly worthy amount!

Altogether an awe-inspiring and unforgettable night showcasing true international class.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

HRH Arfaq and Roja Dove launch their V1 perfume

HRH Arfaq and Roja Dove share a smile at the launch of V1
HRH Arfaq and Roja Dove here faced the media at the launch of their new perfume V1. Roja Dove is a fragrance specialist – arguably the most famous ‘nose’ in the world today – and co-creator of the perfume, with Arfaq. The two men masterminded the design of this extraordinary scent, officially valued as the most expensive ever made and sold. Great minds clearly think not just alike but also brilliantly, because the perfume sold out completely and continues to set the standard for the perfume industry. The reporters and photographers no doubt had dozens of questions to ask the duo – not least regarding what might personally have inspired a scent that claims to capture ‘love’.

HRH Arfaq addresses the media
The designers here also share a smile at the launch, hosted at glamorous Harrods in London – clearly not just fellow businessmen and artists, but also friends!